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Lagos Shift Brief


Overtime the issue of youth empowerment and the re-engineering of their mindset has been left in the hands of people who are not youths themselves. This may inform part of the reason most of the move(s) to get these young people to do the expected is not commanding the desired results. As one said, ‘how can people who are not going to be a part of the future be left to determine that future?’

It is instructive to note that there also exist an error that has been identified whilst the subject of life re-engineering is being talked about and that is the fact that most young person’s believe albeit erroneously that the generation that has gone ahead of them has nothing to offer and thus they fail to learn from that generations mistake.

We understand that as much as younger generation desires and aspires to do things in a more dynamic manner, they must have a foundation upon which to build. We understand that sons who failed to learn from their father’s mistakes endanger themselves in repeating those mistakes.

Choice of Speakers:

The speakers for SHIFT are expected to be;

People who have a story to tell of how they had lived negatively until they experienced a turn around that changed their lives completely. (This is my Story)

People who have risen to great positions of influence by applying the basic principles of right living (Specialised Talks)

Morally upright celebrities who can positively influence and mentor young people for greater impact. (Motivating Talks)


SHIFT events are open to all young people irrespective of faith, race or social status. It is hoped that positive changes will take place in the life of each attendee. The event would usually take place at unconventional locations such as stadia, large open fields, convention centres, hotel conference halls, event halls etc. This is intended to attract more young people as they are prone to want to be at such locations.

One of the major ingredients that creates the fun for SHIFT is the audition. At this audition exercise, young people are given an opportunity to show what they can do before a select group of judges. Those who meet the agreed criteria are then allowed to display their gifts at the event before the larger crowd.

SHIFT so far…

Each event had entertainment of those in attendance by the special guest appearances, a contest in major categories of either singing, comedy, choreography, artistic designs or innovative ideas.

At the end of each event, a SHIFT Ambassador for that location was crowned. With the crown come cash awards and entrepreneurial trainings which are directed at empowering the winner towards fulfilling their chosen careers.

There were no losers, as everyone is a winner. The competition is designed to create a Win/Win situation.


The SHIFT Initiative is very glad to have you on board with us making impact in the lives of young people for global impact and to ensure that the younger generation of this world are given the platform they need to reach their potentials.